Supplying Polo to HVAC Company

Ralph Lauren is one of the accredited polo shirt manufacturing companies in the world. They are well known for their exceptional quality and designs. Unlike in the past when only persons who work in unofficial workplaces used to wear them, we now have company executives who are ditching the conventional and boring suits for polo shirts during weekdays.

Deal Agreement

Last week, I got a call from one of the international accredited heating and cooling companies in the world today, Exceptional HVAC Services company, to supply polo shirts. Their main intention for placing this order is to use the shirt as their official staff uniform. To do this, they requested that I look for a manufacturing company that would incorporate the company logo on the shirts.


We met with the company officials three times to agree on the designs, size, pricing, and amount of time it would take to deliver the finished polo shirts. They gave me three weeks to source for the shirts. I got down to work, called a few of my friends whom we have in the past worked with on similar deals and discussed how to go about the project. First, we contacted the manufacturing company to inquire about the prices and the amount of time they would take to make the shirts. Thanks to technology the company promised to make all the shirts and even incorporate the air conditioning company logo on them within one week.

Designing and Manufacturing

We gave them the go ahead and they made the first three samples in less than 24 hours. We checked the samples to ensure that they meet our clients requirements before giving them a go ahead to make the rest. In total we needed 1,000 branded Ralph polo shirts. Since this was a high level and bulk order, the company agreed to give us a 50% discount which we gracefully took. To be honest, it helped reduce our expenditure and increased our profit margin.

On Friday, the company shipped the finished polo shirts to our premises. We counted them to be sure all was in order before transporting them to the furnace repair and installation company to complete the arrangement. The company officials were delighted with the quality of the shirts and how meticulously the logo was imprinted.


To cut a long story short, working with this reliable heating and cooling service provider was very fulfilling. They held their end of the deal and paid the full amount on the spot. We look forward to supplying more shirts to them next year.

Tricks to Learn from Polo Shirts Selling Business Experts

The demand for quality Polo shirts is at an all time high at the moment. This is mainly due to the good reputation that the manufacturing company has upheld over the years. Establishing a stall to sell this merchandise can help you achieve your financial goals and objectives. However, you need to make calculated and baby steps. Just like in any other form of business, you have to first crawl  before you can walk and feed with the big sharks.


Here are some of the things that you can learn from experts who have been in the business for long.

Maintain a Good Reputation

A bad reputation will definitely chase business away while a good reputation will attract a mammoth of clients every month. Hence, you need to come up with ways of ensuring that your reputation remains high at all times. Otherwise, you will be overtaken by your competitors.

Customer Loyalty

You need to establish a relationship with your customers in order to succeed in this kind of business. One of the best ways of doing this is by offering high quality polo shirts at all times. No matter how fake polo shirts look attractive, you need to stick to your ground and offer the best at all times.


Make sure that your polo shirts are priced correctly in order to stay on top of your game. One of the best ways of pricing your products is by hiring a professional business expert and marketer to help you make informed pricing decisions.

These are three main lessons that you should learn before you invest your money in this type of business.

Tips for Cleaning Polo Shirts

Ralph polo shirts are excellent crafts manship and quality materials. They are made of 100% cotton material. Ralph makes an entire line of shirts for the entire family. They have men’s wear, ladies wear and kid’s wear. Its iconic logo distinguishes Ralph polo shirts from others. Proper cleaning should be done to keep the shirts looking fresh and neat for a long time. Its color should remain bright and its collars should be flat to avoid curling at the corners.


Pre-Washing Tips

Stains can ruin the shirt if not handled immediately and with proper care. You should blot the stain immediately with a wet towel to pick as much stain as possible. Use a non-bleach stain eraser on the stain. Pre-treat the stain with color-safe detergents before running the shirt through the wash. You can proceed to the washing cycle.

Washing, Drying and Ironing

Ralph polo shirts are machine washable. Separate the clothes by color and weight then start the washing cycle in the washing mashing. Use color-safe detergents and fabric softeners. You should use the cold water settings for the wash and rinse cycles. It is also acceptable to wash the Ralph polo shirts in warm water. Bleaching agents should not be used. Drying should be through hanging but when you use a dryer, choose a low heat dryer to prevent shrinkage. When the cycle is complete, remove the shirts from the dryer and iron if it is necessary. Fold or hang using plastic or wooden hangers.

A Ralph polo shirts will preserve its color, have flat collars and always look great when proper care is taken on them.

Tips for Storing Polo Shirts

Ralph polo shirts are classic shirts made from 100% cotton fabric.Proper care should be taken so that the shirt’s colour remains bright the fabric will not shrink and the collars should remain flat without curling at the corners.After washing, drying and ironing, a Ralph polo shirt should be stored in the right manner. The following guidelines should help maintain a ralph polo shirt’s colour and quality during its storage.


Use Hangers

A freshly laundered garment is ready for storage. It is advisable to use wooden or plastic hangers because using wire hangers cause the fabric to pucker where it meets the wire. Wooden and plastic hangers do not cause this damage on the garment. Before hanging, button the top button and arrange the collar. This will enable the garment to come out of the hanger ready to wear with its collars still flat and neat.


When folding a Ralph polo shirt, button the top button and arrange the collar. Lay the shirt face-down and fold the sleeves towards the centre, fold the bottom of the shirt up and then fold the top of the shirt over the bottom. The garment is ready for storage. This will keep the garment fresh and ready to wear. The collars will still be flat and neat.

This proper care during storage will enable the garment to come out of the hanger ready to wear and it will avoid the hard creases from forming on the garment. A Ralph polo shirt will always look great and fresh for a long time after acquiring it.




Two Popular Polo Shirt Designs

The Ralph polo shirt has become a lasting icon of lifestyle since it was introduced. From 24 colors, the brand has grown to many new colors and limited edition styles for the whole family every season. Polo players liked the shirt because of its short, turned-over collar stayed down during play. It is for this reason that the brand’s original logo was created. The Ralph Lauren collection has a lot of brands but the popular polo shirts designs are the casual shirts, sweatshirts and T-shirts and the dress shirt.

Casual Design

This is the smart casual shirt that is available in the standard-fit or slim-fit. It is also available in big and tall sizes.It comes in a variety of colors and also in checked, gingham, Tattersall, plaid, dotted and floral designs.


Sweatshirts and T-shirts

These comprise of the hoodies, pullovers, cardigans, and full zip jackets. They are mostly used for sports. For example the basketball-patch hoodies, baseball jackets and the riding jerseys. They can come in v-neck, crow necks, and round neck designs. The also come in big and tall sizes.

The Polo Shirt Dress

The Ralph Lauren dress shirt is a perfect description of official wear.It comes in big and tall sizes.The dress shirt designs are checked, plaided, stripped and pleated tuxedo shirts.They give that sharp, smart, official look.They also come in standard-fit and slim-fit.The French cuff is also available.

All the Ralph polo shirt design must have the polo logo on its left side to distinguish it from others and immitations.



Why some People Do Not Wear Ralph Lauren Polo Shirts

Ralph Lauren is certainly one of the popular brands of polo shirts, and many people love them. Despite the gorgeous fabric and comfort of the Ralph Lauren polo shirts, some people do not like them. The polo shirts do not excite them, and they opt for alternative brands or shirts.

Here are the reasons some people do not like wearing Ralph Lauren polo shirts.


It is no secret that the Ralph Lauren polo shirts are highly priced. Many people love the quality and the stylish look of the polo shirts and desire wearing one, but the price limits them. Such people opt for cheaper brands rather than the Ralph Lauren polo shirts.



Similar to successful apparel brands, counterfeit Ralph Lauren polo shirts exist in the market. The fakes sell at the average price of authentic polo shirts. You need to inspect the polo shirt for some distinct features to confirm its authenticity. Some people avoid buying the Ralph Lauren polo shirts because they fear purchasing a fake polo shirt because they are unaware of the characteristics of a genuine polo shirt.

Social Anxiety

Some people do not like wearing brands that are easy to recognize. This is because they are socially anxious and avoid buying expensive and conspicuous shirts like the Ralph Lauren shirts.

There you have them, the premium price, the existence of counterfeits deter people from wearing Ralph Lauren polo shirts.

Features of an Authentic Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt

Counterfeiting is a common unethical practice in the apparel industry. The Ralph Lauren polo shirts are unique and a successful brand that has tempted some entrepreneurs to counterfeit them. You are likely to be shortchanged by buying a fake Ralph Lauren polo shirt.

To avoid buying a fake polo shirt, here are the features of an authentic Ralph Lauren polo shirt that you should check.


The genuine Ralph Lauren polo shirts have only two buttons that are cross-stitched. Ensure that the buttons are pearly and opaque. Any polo shirt without cross-stitched buttons or more than two buttons is a counterfeit. The buttonholes are also perfectly stitched.


Ralph Lauren makes their logo flawlessly. You can easily see the rider on the horse and its tail, reins, and ears are visible. The interior of the logo is neatly finished, and there are no loose ends or ink stains. Additionally, the logo is perfectly located upright on the left chest.


Collar Label

The name ‘Polo’ is on the collar label. It is correctly written and the font size, the spacing is consistent. The stitches of the label are similar to the color of the polo shirt. The back of the collar label has a thread that is hard to imitate. Additionally, the right side of the collar label bears the size tag.

Checking for these distinct features on polo shirt can save you from buying a counterfeit Ralph Lauren Polo shirt.









Preventing Polo Shirts from Staining

Stains on your polo shirts take away the beautiful look and make you look sloppy. You can avoid stains on your polo shirts by following some guidelines.

Here are the ways of preventing your polo shirts from staining.


Wear an Undershirt

Sweat is one of the causes of sweat on your polo shirts. Sweating occurs involuntary hat worsens the situation. Wearing an undershirt helps in absorbing the sweat that prevents it from staining your polo shirts.

Clean the Polo Shirt Regularly

To prevent stains from setting in your polo shirt, you should wash the polo shirt the same day you wear it or on a regular basis. Ensure that you use a detergent when washing the polo shirt to hasten the removal of stains.

Avoid Deodorant stains

Your deodorant is one of the causes of stains on your polo shirts. The aluminum salt in the deodorant causes the stain. To prevent deodorant stains, you should apply the deodorant on your polo shirt a night before wearing it or early in the morning. Doing this simultaneously prevents deodorant stains and keeps your polo shirt smelling nice.

Wipe the Stain Immediately

If grease or coffee spills on your polo shirt, do not wait for the stain to form. Instead, use vinegar or lemon liquid on the spot. This removes the stain instantaneously.

Ensure that you not only apply these tips but also remember to wash your polo shirt using cold water to prevent stains and creases.





Cleaning Tips for Polo Shirts

Polo shirts are stylish and make you look good in any event. However, failure to apply proper cleaning practices causes creases on your shirt or stains.

Let us discuss the cleaning tips for polo shirts.


Store it Inside Out in the Laundry Basket

Creases on the polo shirt are annoying and makes the collar look sloppy. Before tossing your polo shirt into the laundry basket, ensure that you turn it inside out and button the top button. This keeps your shirt free from creases.

Wash With Cold Water

Polo shirts are typically made of at least 70% cotton, which can be destroyed by cleaning and rinsing it with hot water. You should clean and rinse your polo shirt to prevent it from fading and shrinking. It is important to ensure that the polo dries under cold temperature in your dryer to prevent the shirt from stretching and losing shape.

Wash it Inside Out

To keep the fabric of your polo shirt vibrant, you need to wash it inside out. This prevents fading and deters the formation of wrinkles on your polo shirt. It also prevents the collar from rolling in a wrong collar line.

Avoiding Hanging the Polo

After your polo shirt is dry, do not hang it in your closet. Instead, form a habit of folding and buttoning the polo shirt to keep it free from creases.

You polo shirts will look good and new for a long time if you follow the cleaning tips we have discussed.

Information on Ralph Polo Shirts


In 1968, Ralph Lauren introduced Polo shirts that became popular in sports such as polo and golf. The Ralph polo shirts are the most popular product in the entire Ralph’s Lauren clothing line. The Ralph polo shirts are produced in Troyes, France.

Here is the information on Ralph polo shirts.

Most Famous Ralph Polo shirt

The Dun Brook Mountain look is the most famous Ralph polo shirt. It is made of 100% cotton, and its neck tapping has a double layer interior. The side gussets are reinforced with a double layer of 100% cotton. The left chest side of the shirt bears the logo that is a right looking green crocodile. The Dun Brook Mountain polo has a dry, rugged feel and has a vintage look with the now popular muscle fit design.


Men’s Ralph Polo Shirts

These come in different colors and sizes. They are made of 100% cotton and have the mother of pearl buttons. They are available in striped, check, solid and patterned fabric. Typically, the men’s Ralph polo shirt has a split tail that makes it a comfortable shirt.

Women’s Ralph Polo shirts

These normally have a slightly scooped neckline or a V-neck. They are available in either short or long sleeves. They are available for casual and official looks in all sizes and colors. The women’s Ralph polo shirts are made of 100% cotton.

The Ralph Polo shirts are prone to counterfeit, and it is important to buy from reputable fashion houses.